Laurie Bartley photographs and Charles Varenne styles ‘Fashion 3’ for Flair, with makeup by Kaoru Okubo, Apr 2013


Ok so I think it’s safe to say that 2013 hasn’t really been a fantastic year for Hip Hop, but Doris is here and I gotta admit, I’ve been listening to this a lot. Stand out tracks for me, lyrically, would probably be “Chum”, “Hive”, “Whoa”, “Centurion” and “Sasquatch”. Production wise, I really like “Uncle Al”, “Burgundy” and “523”. “Knight” deserves a mention too. Anyways, I guess it’s more of a wait and see from here on out to see if hip hop will skip the loop and get back on track to a second renaissance. Will Doris help? Not sure, last I checked it wasn’t the classic that everyone wanted it to be, but it is still pretty good, but it’s not perfect. Anyways, the tracks I listed above are pretty decent and it’s rare for me to love all the singles from any album anyways, so there’s a plus. I wonder if “Gnossos” will be the classic people want. Maybe Doris was just a warm up?


Model - Nora Shopova Photographer Diego Uchitel’s latest spread for Gravure Magazine Makeup artist Regina Harris Hairstylist Moiz Alladina

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Bits of Fluff, Naomi Campbell photographed by Wolfgang Tillmans for US Vogue, November 1997

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Two Man Team

photo: Abu Tilghman